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Project By Joletta and Brian


Ampower is designed to use human heat energy to relax sore muscle. Muscle aches are extremely common, almost everybody is likely to experience discomfort in his or her muscles at some point due to:


  • sports injury

  • daily syndrome

  • office syndrome



The shoulder part is relatively hot among other body parts. To make use of its advantage, it is used to generate electricity and power up the device.


Components included:

  • Thermoelectric generator and sensor

  • Heat Release Panel

  • Circuit Board

  • Heating Points



To maximize comfortness, the tips of the device could be removed for easy insert to your neck. The wave-like wings is inspired by the free form of manta ray. With the use of the 3D scanning and printing technology, the device is designed to match with the curvature of your shoulders for heat release purpose.


Ampower is a smart device that has automatic on-off functions. The full circuit would only be formed while having direct contact with your skin. Therefore, it would start running when you put on it as well as shutting down when you take it off.


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